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The most beautiful shutters in UK

How long have you been supplying and installing shutters?

Our very first shutter was installed in 2013 and since then we have installed hundreds across Sussex.

Can you quote me over the phone?

Yes. We can. You need to have handy the measurements of the window or recess where the windows is sitting in. Also you need to know which of the collections you choose which will reflect on the price, for example MDF shutters, hardwood shutters and lightwood shutters has a different price. Differences and details can be explained over the phone us well. Please bear in mind that you can use the online quote feature on our website.

Do you offer advice on the design of my shutters?

Yes of course. We have many years experience in the installation of your shutters and will show you the various options available including the finer details enabling you to design the shutters to suit your requirements.

What size of louvre would you recommend?

We have installed very small shutters with large louvres and large shutters with small louvres and they look equally impressive. General rule is bigger the windows – bigger the louvre size, but we have to consider also the style of the property more on the style of the property and what look you are trying to achieve. there are 5 different size of louvres available – 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 113mm.

How many panels should I have on my shutters?

This is usually determined by the design of the window eg. If your window has two panes of glass separated by a central mullion we would normally recommend either two wide panels or four narrow panels depending on how often you intended to open the shutter panels. Similarly if your window has a transom running across it you could opt for tier-on-tier shutters whereby the top panels open separately to the bottom panels with the join measured to match up to the exact position of the transom. On this window you could also have a full height shutter with a fixed midrail positioned at the transom height allowing you to open the top louvres independently to those on the bottom. We supply PDF format of accurate drawing of a windows style and it can be changed until we reach the best option you desire.

Must I have the tilt rod in the centre of each panel?

Not necessarily, there are three options available for the position of your tilt rod. You can have centre rods, off-centre rods where the rod is positioned on the side to which the panels open or hidden rods where the mechanism is hidden within the stiles of the shutter producing a minimalist, uncluttered look. Stylistically centered tilt rod or off-center tilt rod add a character and a certain charm to the shutter while the hidden tilt rod (where the tilt rod is not visible) is more stylish and clean. Also keep in mind that the hidden tilt rod adds 10% to the value of the shutter due to complexity of manufacturing.

Do your shutters come with a guarantee?

Yes of course , our shutters carry a three year manufacturing and installation guarantee.

What happens if I have a problem with my shutters after the guarantee period?

This scenario has only occurred a handful of times since we started. We can usually repair any problems depending on the extent of the damage and how it was caused.

What details should I check before requesting a survey?

Basically that your windows are finished so that the shape/dimensions will not alter between measuring and returning for installation. This usually includes plastering/papering around the window, sills and flooring in place, all tiling completed and dado/picture rails in place.

Can I fit the shutters myself?

Not recommended. The reason is that the warranty will not be valid. We only operate a supply and fit service. Leave it to us, and we will make the installation flawless and very accurate.

How eco friendly are your shutters?

The materials used to manufacture our shutters are sourced from well managed forests and therefore do not impact on the environment. If you would like further information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you install shutters for an odd shaped window?

We can provide shutters for almost any shaped window. Whether you have an arched, triangular, hexagonal or circular shaped window, shutters tend to emphasize the unique shape of the window.

Is there any scenario that the shutters can’t be installed on our window

Yes, there a few scenario. For example where the windows open inwards or there a extreme damp conditions.