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The most beautiful shutters in UK

These type of windows are extremely popular throughout the UK and Shutters Plus has many options for bay shutters.To add real value to our customer’s homes, estetical and economical is the key of our work.

Bay windows can be tricky in terms of design but with careful selection of style and range the results can be very pleasing. Customized size bay posts are applicable in some cases where the original window is different from 135 degree angle.Also its a type of an art to finish the bay surroundings with the proper style and touch.This is where our experience helps a lot.

Bay shutters can provide an exquisite and fashionable addition to any home, whilst giving instant appeal to any house, no matter the age.Blending with the decor around and fitting the architecture of any bay windows is very achievable when choosing this style of shutters.

Main benefits:

  • Perfectly fits to the original architecture of the bay window
  • Can be a single complete shutter or can sit separately
  • We can supply bay posts to fit any angle bay – from the traditional splay and corner bays right through to the Georgian shallow bay windows