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The most beautiful shutters in UK

Tier-on-Tier offers a great control or light and privacy by independently operating with top and bottom tier that can be a huge advantage.This style gives an added benefit of increasing light into a room by having the top tier open, whilst maintaining privacy by leaving the bottom tier closed or vice versa if desired.In many occasions having a smaller panels,bi-folds or three-fold crates a very pretty and comforting feel around instead of having a big single panel.This is also a very personal matter and the design will be chosen exclusively on the customers view.

Experience shows they are great for sash windows where the split level of the shutters is where the sashes are meeting.Tall all shorter,the size is not that critical for this style to sit beautifully on such windows.Tier-on-Tier shutters can be customised easily to mach all various type of windows as well.Every window that faces road or public area is much applicable to this style due to its versatility.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters has the ability to play an important role in protection against the British weather – helping to keep in heat during the winter whilst stopping your rooms from overheating in the summer.