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Georgia Shutters

The most beautiful shutters in UK

An MDF crafted shutter that is real competitor to a wood shutter.

We have here very adaptable and versatile shutter. When it comes to safety,children and pets running around,this it the first range to think of.It has the advantage of being very durable and sturdy as its made from MDF panels and frames with ABS louvres.The appearance is high class ,easily mistakes for a real wood but the durability is higher than the wood option.Wider expanses are easily covered with the panels with ABS louvres.

They are sturdy and hardwearing-small children and dog resistant as a patio door shutter or track shutters….not to the extreme off course. It can be ordered in any style available-Tier-on-tier,full height,cafe style,track shutter even special shapes. Georgia shutters come in 23 great custom made colours. Not to miss the fact that they represent a very cost effective shutter range with stunning look.

Special shapes available

Light control

Noise reduction

Privacy control

Main benefits:

  • Made from solid basswood
  • High quality but still low cost
  • Robust hard-wearing frame
  • Available in all tilt types

Available in colors: